Riki Muhamad

HSB Official Website

Back to project HSB Official Website Visit the web HSB is a company that is specifically engaged in Commodity Futures Trading, foreign currency (forex), energy, and Stock Index (Stock Index). The Goal Build a website design that has a professional impression to build trust and a sense of security for users so that they do not hesitate to use our products. Brand Awareness : this website will be a central hub for company’s information suchas the services, product, and the company itself. Partnership : open to everyone to be a partner of HSB with low commission and more benefit for partners. User and Audience The target audience of HSB would be: Beginner : New users who want to learn trading. Advance : Professional traders who want to find out about trusted local brokers. Partnership : people who want to be a partner of HSB with low commission and more benefits. The Role This project was the company’s project where I work full-time. So my role here is just a UI Designer, using Figma to create mockups. This is how I would illustrate my role: Challenges My biggest challenge in this project was to align the minds of the team, especially the production team with the SEO team. The ideas that the SEO team suggests sometimes don’t align with the design brand, so I have to emphasize them. In addition, too many heads from outside the production team want to pour ideas that can lead to inconsistencies design. Final Mockup Homepage Other Product Pages Education Pages Trading Pages Platform Pages Visit the web

Sivali Official Website

Sivali.co is the official website for Sivali Cloud Technology, is a company that provides cloud technology-based solutions and infrastructure services. Their expertise at strength lies in the industry’s evolution and challenges, and they specialize in crafting bespoke Cloud Technology solutions that empower businesses to thrive in the digital era.