Riki Muhamad

Orcastra Space Official Website

Orcastra Space is an initiative by Sivali Cloud Technology to offer a storage solution powered by Nextcloud, an on-premises content collaboration platform. They are dedicated to offering user the ultimate solution for securely storing user’s digital universe with ease and convenience. The cloud storage platform serves as a safe haven to user files, guaranteeing accessibility from anywhere, at any time.

The Goal

This will be their main website, so they want it to meet their standards and fit their needs in:

  1. Brand Awareness : This website will be a central hub for product’s information such as the services, features, and pricing.

  2. Best affordable cloud storage : Best alternative cloud storage solution stands out in the market. With military-grade security protocols, user data remains safeguarded. Simultaneously, the pricing model remains refreshingly affordable, making it an enticing proposition for businesses and individuals alike.


  3. Seamless Accessibility : The product’s omnipresence allows users to access their files and data from any corner of the globe, at any time. Whether they’re on a bustling city street or nestled in a cozy home office, the cloud storage seamlessly adapts to their needs.

User and Audience

The target for the website would be:

  1. Individual user : Seek secure and reliable cloud storage solutions for personal files, photos, and documents. These users value ease of use, privacy, and affordability. Highlight features like seamless synchronization across devices, intuitive interfaces, and competitive pricing to attract them.

  2. Enterprise : Enterprises require robust cloud storage services to manage large volumes of data. Emphasize scalability, data redundancy, and compliance with industry standards. Highlight features such as encryption, access controls, and integration with productivity tools. Address concerns related to data security, collaboration, and seamless backups.

  3. Investor : Investors are interested in the business viability of cloud storage service. They seek evidence of a sustainable business model, growth potential, and competitive advantages.

The Role

The project is a corporate project where I work full-time. I am a Product Development Specialist in this company, and in this project, I have multiple roles such as Product Research, Product Designer, and Project Manager.

Design Process

Wireframe always helped me visualize what the content are and how many pages are there.


Since this is a new company, we are short of people so we have to take on multiple roles. This has a great influence on the timeline of the project.

Final Mockup